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Best Call Center Setup.with Advance Features and Detailed Reporting

All kinds of call center setup and services are available such as call center technical support in-house and outsourcing as well.

Call Center Setup In 7 Easy Steps.

Define the type of call center you need.

Plan How Callers Can Access Your Agents.

Create Agent IDs.

Define Skill Groups.


Octopus digital network asterisk server is an advanced call handling platform created for a highly integrated and customized call handling environment this server can integrate with dialer CRM and any other software to manage data of clients.


Call Center Supervisor and Agent Interfaces
Quality Control with Live Monitoring
Detailed Call Center Dashboard
Configure for unlimited seats of the call center.​
Detailed Call Center Reporting tools
Live Call Recordings

There are few More Key Features For the Call Center setup

  • Abandoned and Dropped Call Reports
  • Recording messages
  • Integrate with CRM
  • Auto SMS
  • Working Codes through CRM
  • Agents Productivity Reports
  • ROBO Calls Reports with Status
  • Call Center Wallboard with Agents Stats
  • Login/Logoff and Break Timings Report
  • Live Monitoring of Queue Calls
  • Soft phone Integration with CRM
  • Off time Call Summary
  • Promote your Business and Products through Call Center Services

Call Center Outsource Services.

Today’s call center must be able to integrate multiple services, multiple systems and

multiple data sources to provide a seamless one-window facility to the customer.

services required by today’s customers.


Solve today’s call center puzzle which is an integrated platform with a wide. an array of call handling and contact management solutions. It offers all the tools and.

combines the power of telecommunications with corporate database systems to deliver.

Few More Services for the same platform

powerful call control capabilities to enterprises, whether they are customer

support call centers, a 24-hour Help Line, help desks within a corporation, or businesses

seeking to differentiate through enhanced customer service.

Call Center Outsourcing Features

committed to the security of client’s data. The Client’s data and information is protected by firewalls that control network connectivity and are sophisticated enough to ensure the integrity of the system.

  • a) Customer Support Services and Retention (In Bound / Out Bound)
  • b) Tele-Marketing / Tele-Sales (Out Bound)
  • c) Management Information / Customer Feedback (In Bound)
  • d) Surveys (Out Bound)

Outsourcing Methodology.

Call Center Setup

Based on the requirements of ODN’s Client, our project outsourcing methodology is initiated in these ways:

  • Trained Agents with attractive voice and speaking skills
  • Live Share Calls and Agents performance Reports
  • Skilled IT professionals.
  • Latest Furnished infrastructure.
  • Proven offshore outsourcing model
  • Multi-cultural & Multi-location
  • Domain knowledge
  • Flexible to work with the needs of the client

Some More Detail

  • Speed & agility (response time)
  • Minimal turn-around time for issue resolution.
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Satisfied clients globally
  • Consistent growth & performance
  • Proximity to skilled manpower source
  • Establishment work execution & delivery process
  • Competitive pricing

Octopus Digital Network.

Is one of the best Company which is serving for many years.

We are an offshore outsourcing Call Center, Website Design, and Software Development Company in Pakistan.

Whereas our company helps the organization in Call Center Setup and Outsource Services,

Design and develop their Website School Management System Hospital data management System Time & Attendance System

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Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Google AdWords Mobile App Development IT Maintenance Contract Networking and Data Center Services to loyal and most precious clients.

Founded in 2017 with the aim of providing quality services with the commitment of customer relationship management services.