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We delivers Voice Ads, alerts, promotions, updates & much more. It’s an easy way to reach more in less time.

As world is upgrading so we are too. We provide the IVR services to our customers which is an automated telephony system that helps the user to directly interact with the callers to collect information. Using he advance technology we route calls to the appropriate recipient.

Robo Calls Service

We know that technology is taking lead and now you can spread your message by providing Robocall service. You can reach hundreds of people in a minimal time without any delay or a wait. Our Robocalls service are beneficial for the areas which includes Emergencies, Marketing, School Reminders, Alerts and many others.

OTP (One-Time-Password)

We can help you to secure your business by using OTP (One-Time-Password) service. In this high-tech world, a security of your personal devices is highest priority. We understand our clients needs and offer OTP messaging service to all destinations in the world at competitive price. By using our OTP service, you can secure your users. OTP is provided for following operations.

  1. Authentication
  2. Reactivation
  3. Password Resetting
  4. Transaction Authentication
  5. Authorization

Order Confirmation (API)

We provide our merchants a platform which practice new ways to manage orders which are placed by their users with complete details related to the order. This service will work with the orders received, in process or delivered. Using efficient API, we keep our user updated with the status of the product.

IVR Based Call Center Solution

We are mastered using IVR based call center solution. We have automated the IVR system to provide our client a service that respond to the customer quires using pre-recorded instructions. It is more flexible and easy solution which is available for any business in a very reasonable cost. Managing calls and answering queries were never this easy before. Information can be manage using centralization of customer based on the requirement of the client. Inbound and Outbound call distribution becomes easy and well-manageable to broadcast services to the customer.

We are working on a technology to enable your dealers to deal with queries correctly with Inbound Call Center Software and offer better consumer offerings over calls and emails. Intelligently route the calls to competent agents that are reachable in a queue to manipulate agent’s performance and supply tremendous user experience.

Make your income proactive with numerous dialers which includes preview dialer and predictive dialer that could growth agent’s productivity. Auto dialers can easily locate when the call is connected with the user and when it’s an answering system as a result lowering agent’s wait time.

Miscall Service (Campaign)

A completely cloud based missed call service will help to generate leads in the market by engaging customers. IVR makes it easy to communicate your message to the user using technology that is leading the world. It makes a simple way to communicate with customers with zero cost spending. We provide services to the agencies in order to initiate the Miss-Call campaign.

You dont have time to write simple text messages ? Are you fed up with old conventional way . Sometime more then time , fellings matters more , in that case use our voice sms service . Our platform provide best solution to upload your pre-recorded voices & Text to speech is also available.

Pricing Plan

Choose Pricing Plan


  • Branded SMS
  • 10,000 SMS
  • High Quality Routes
  • API : Supported


  • Branded SMS
  • 20,000 SMS
  • High Quality Routes
  • API : Supported


  • Branded SMS
  • 35,000 SMS
  • High Quality Routes
  • API : Supported


  • Branded SMS
  • 50,000 SMS
  • High Quality Routes
  • API : Supported

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