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Freehand 11 WIN IE AOO License 1 User

• Intuitive Interface
FreeHand MX features an intuitive interface that helps you to more quickly produce quality graphics. The workspace itself can be easily customized, letting you move panels as well as to hide options that you do not need. FreeHand’s object oriented approach to design allows you to create relationships between objects as well as to map data flows, giving you the tools you need to produce amazing graphics.
• Powerful Tools
FreeHand MX’s powerful vector-based tools allow you to create print layouts, Flash animations and application interfaces. The object-oriented design allows you to make changes to a single object and have those same changes translate to other instances of that object throughout the graphic you are working on.
• Open Design
FreeHand MX features an open design that allows it to import and export a wide variety of file formats. This helps you move your graphics into other applications as well as to integrate documents that you’ve created outside FreeHand into your work.