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Hotel Management System

All-in-one & Comprehensive Solution For your Hotel Business

ODN Hotel Management System, one of the top Hotel Management Software, is a comprehensive Hotel Information & Management System, which can cover all the hotel department, processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist hotel in making the right decisions quickly.

ODN Hotel management system is an integrated software that handles different directions of Hotel workflows. It manages the smooth hotel’s performance along with visitors, room booking, administrative, Housekeeping, legal and financial control. That is a right way for the successful operation of the hotel.

Ease of Use

We know that running a Hotel is your business. Making Hotel management software is ours. We don’t believe you should have to be a computer expert to use our software anymore than we should have to be a master chef to enjoy a good meal. Our Hotel Management software is incredibly straight forward and easy to use.

Dashboard / Reservation Management

  • Up-to-the minute updated reservation dashboard
  • Drag & drop to update rooms and split reservations
  • Auto-fill returning guests with history, apply promo codes and special discounts
  • Charge extra and facilitate your guests with late arrival/check-in, early check-in, late checkout
  • Extensive rate plans and options to personalize booking and stays
  • Set credit limits for corporate clients and travel agents
  • Accept group reservations – multiple rooms under one name/bill
  • Customization for arrival/departure e-mail template


  • Daily task list assignment
  • Front desk monitoring
  • Manage room status from housekeeping area
  • Front desk staff can view the room update status in real-time

Revenue Management

    • Rate recommendations for your rooms
    • Occupancy forecast for upcoming days
    • Aggregated data on local market demand
    • Get updated rate intelligence on your competitors

Online Distribution

    • Integration with channel managers
    • Booking engine integration for your hotel website
    • Connectivity to metasearch engines
    • Common pooled inventory with centralized rate capabilities

Rate Management

      • Create relational rates
      • Multiple rates and type support in a single stay
      • Set up and change daily/monthly rates
      • Occupancy based dynamic pricing

Reputation Management

    • Collect personalized feedback from your guests
    • See reviews from across multiple platforms
    • Analyze and understand guest sentiment
    • Manage reviews, boost your online ratings & reputation

Business Intelligence

      • View critical data from sources including PMS, and website etc at one place
      • Track your hotel’s KPIs, analyze them and create reports
      • Compare business on the books with your forecast and budget


    • Auto-sync to the accounting system
    • Automatic direct billing from the front desk
    • Easy management of invoices, payables, ageing reports and deductions
    • Handle credits and commissions given to TAs & corporate clients
    • Manage advance payments & payments against settlements through separate account head